Embedded Linux
products development
and industrialization
  • BSP creation with Yocto
  • Linux kernel expertise and drivers development
  • GNU Guix support
  • Free software, audits and trainings
System specification and architecture
Secure boot, data encryption, system upgrade, init system: there are many things to consider when writing the specification and designing the system architecture of a new embedded Linux product. We use our experience to help you make the good choices and design a future proof system.

Board Support Package
We create a Board Support Package for your hardware preferably using Yocto, but also with Buildroot or other tools. The Board Support Package usually contains the cross-toolchains, bootloader, Linux kernel, initramfs and drivers to have a fully operating platform. We also perform BSP upgrades from a Yocto release to a more recent one for instance.

Linux kernel and device drivers
We optimize the boot speed of your Linux kernel, create custom lightweight configurations, mainline device drivers or fix issues. We also perform Linux kernel upgrades, from an LTS to the next one for instance.

Free software mainlining
You are maintaining a fork of a popular open-source library but you would like to have your developments and fixes accepted mainline to ease the maintenance of your application? We have a strong experience contributing to many libre & open-source programs and libraries to do that on your behalf.

Embedded Linux training and audits
We love to share our passion and we conduct embedded Linux training to help your team develop a new embedded Linux product. We also conduct audits to help you adopt the best practices.

Continuous integration
A continuous integration platform building nightly Yocto images and checking for regressions is a must have. We help you setup such a plaform using Jenkins, Gitlab CI or other technologies.

Hardware design and schematic review
We support you in the early design stages of your new embedded product. We participate in the hardware selection and design.

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