About Us

Root to Peak is an engineering company focusing on embedded Linux and free software development. Our expertise is the bring up of new embedded Linux products. We are used to work with various industrial actors in the energy distribution, robotics, drones and IOT sectors. This industrial background means that we are well aware of the challenges involved in designing, producing and maintaining embedded Linux based products.

We can help you in the early design stages of your new embedded product. We can participate in the hardware selection and design, the writing of the system specification.

We are also used to create complete software environments dedicated to your hardware. This way, your software team can focus on their core activity while we take care of setting up Yocto, configuring the Linux kernel, optimizing the boot speed and other system performances.

Root to Peak is a strong supporter of free software. We have many contributions in the Linux kernel, GNU Guix and other projects. Developing or mainlining a Linux device driver, debugging and patching issues in any major free software library is our passion.

We also offer training services on embedded Linux development, as well as software and architecture audit reviews.

Root to Peak is based in Annecy, in the French Alps.